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Future events



Past Events



  • January 14th: Oxfolk Ceilidhs
  • February 11th: London Barndance
  • March 25th: Contrabridge
  • April 2nd: Ely Contra Dance Holiday
  • June 16th–18th: Lichfield Folk Festival
  • June 30th–July 2nd: Stegastomp, Harbury
  • July 29th: Warwick Folk Festival
  • September 9th: London Barndance
  • October 6th: Alcester Contra


  • May 21st: Friday Folk, St Albans
  • June 3rd–5th: Halsway Contra Dance Weekend
  • June 11th: London Barndance
  • July 2nd: Contra dance in Sheffield organised w Sheffield Scratch Contra
  • July 29th–August 6th: Sidmouth Folk Festival
  • October 1st: Birthday party of friend in Oxford
  • November 4th: Alcester Contra
  • December 3rd: Leeds Contra
  • December 10th: London Barndance


  • September 7th: Alcester Contra
  • September 25th: Nottingham Folk Dance Club
  • October 23th: Wedding of friends in Nottingham
  • November 26th: Alcester Contra


  • March 6th–8th: IVFDF 2020, Nottingham
  • May 8th: Alcester Contra (online)
  • June 27th: Armchair contra dance party (online)
  • November 14th: London Barndance (online)


  • ​February 9th: London Barndance
  • February 16th: RUFF Ceilidhs, Cardiff
  • May 3rd–6th: Eastbourne International Folk Dance Festival
  • May 10th: Alcester Contras
  • June 15th: The Round Playford Ball, Cambridge
  • August 17th–23rd: Whitby Folk Week
  • September 7th: Bromyard Folk Festival


  • March 30th: Bristol Contra
  • April 14th: London Barndance
  • May 26th–28th: Chippenham Folk Festival
  • July 29th: Warwick Folk Festival
  • August 4th–9th: Sidmouth FolkWeek
  • October 12th: Alcester Contras
  • December 1st: Leeds Contra
  • December 31st: New Year's Eve contra dance, Harbury ​


  • January 9th: Loughborough Folk Dance Club
  • February 4th: Round Ceilidhs, Cambridge ​
  • March 12th: Brummie Contras
  • July 1st: Sheffield Contra
  • August 26th: Shrewsbury Folk Festival
  • November 25th: ICBINI Bristol 2017
  • December 11th: Loughborough Folk Dance Club (Benjamin, Alan and David only)
  • December 31st: New Year's Eve contra dance, Harbury


  • May 2nd: Leicester Guildhall "Rites of Spring" ceilidh (Benjamin, Alan and David only)
  • December 5th: Loughborough Folk Dance Club