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Contrasaurus Rex Everything!

In early 2018 we went into the studio and recorded our first album. We like it a lot and hope you enjoy it as well!

The CD Cover - Contrasaurus Rex Everything, showing a large green T-rex wielding an accordion and crushing a city.

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CDs are £10 from us in person, or £12.50 by mail order. If you would like to us to post a CD to you, fill out this contact form.

Track listing

This CD is suitable for use as recorded music for dancing as well as being nice to listen to.

  1. Cometh the Banana (B. Rowe) / Rare (K. Murphy) 9x 32 bar jig to reel
  2. Accordion to Alan (B. Rowe) / Ruby and Bing (A. & N. VanNorstrand) 7x 32 bar jigs
  3. Roscoe (trad) / Squirrel Hunters (trad) 7x 32 bar reels
  4. Cherokee Shuffle (trad) 7x 32 bar reel (square)
  5. Suzannah's (E. Hazzard-Watkins) / Up Da Stroods (trad) / Hannah Banana (B. Rowe) 13x 32 bar reels
  6. Mississippi Palisades (L. Smith) / Miss Mcleod's (trad) 9x 32 bar reels
  7. Dixie Hoedown (trad) 7x 32 bar reel (square)
  8. Manus Lunny's Terracotta Plower Pop (P. Cunningham) / Cavers of Kirkcudbright (M. Vass) 6x 32 bar jigs
  9. Sheepskin, Beeswax (trad) / Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie (P. Cunningham) / Hull's (J. Rankin) 11x 32 bar reels
  10. Calliope House (D. Richardson) / The Hermit Crab Jig (S. Jones) 11x 32 bar jigs
  11. Booth Shot Lincoln (trad) / Obama's March to the White House (G. Canote) 9x 32 bar reels
  12. Miss Rowan Davies (P. Cunningham) 5x 32 bar waltz