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Not technically dinosaurs

Contrasaurus are Alan Brunier (accordion), Benjamin Rowe (fiddle), David Ledsam (bass and jaw harp) and Adam Rich-Griffin (guitar).

Meet the band

Alan, Benjamin and Adam met at the University of Warwick Folk Society, and a chance encounter with David at a session started our musical journey as a band. Since 2016 we have enjoyed bookings at many of the top festivals and dance series in the UK.

  • Alan Brunier


    Alan has played accordion for years with anyone willing to listen, most notably with The Night Before and Floot Street.

  • Benjamin Rowe


    Benjamin is the most recent member of the band to graduate from the UoW Folk Society. He can also be seen playing with Bearded Dragons and Knotted Cord.

  • David Ledsam

    bass and jaw harp

    David can be heard playing cello, basses, concertinas and very occasionally tuba behind many bands. In another life he plays and dances with Stone Monkey Sword Dancers.

  • Adam Rich-Griffin


    Adam is their tame guitarist, and also a member of Chaotic Good. Has a cello and an octave mandolin hidden in a cupboard somewhere, but they haven't seen a stage yet.